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this is the portal page of the internet site From here you can access the other pages with information about the Westphalia municipalities in the

Administrative district Münster

Administrative district Arnsberg

Westfalenhoefe is an ambitious project of two history enthusiasts from Verl and Steinhagen in the municipality Gütersloh who have set themselves the task to provide historical data on old farms online and to make contacts with other local researchers or interested parties. This internet presence went online on 7. October 2018, started with the districts of Gütersloh, Bielefeld and Paderborn. The information displayed is under construction.

Westfalenhöfe - example: click on municipal Gütersloh, city of Verl, list of house and farms (Haus- und Höfeliste) Verl, farm number 1 Bürmann (or use the search function in municipal of Gütersloh: Verl 1 Bürmann).

Westfalenhöfe gives the opportunity to find out where a surname has its origin.

Westfalenhöfe is an open project, where information on this website in the form of a wiki (similar to Wikipedia) and can be actively supplemented by other participants.

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